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 Welcome to the


Learning Circle

ME becomes WE

  Learn 2 change

  LC 7 -2017  








About this Learning Circle


In this global classroom, you will be challenged to think about yourselves and how to use your capabilities to take care of someone else. You will connect with other students worldwide, by sharing your thoughts, your plans, your work and actions in this wiki. Together you'll find out how different or similar you think about care and responsibility in your community.

What are your dreams and hopes, your goals and expectations? 

How can you do something meaningful for someone else and turn ME into WE?

Things that you believe in and try to achieve can make a difference in the world. 


In every culture, from Canada to Romania or Nepal, there are people who believe in their dreams. By working together with students from 6 different countries, you will learn from new perspectives and increase understanding of each other's conditions and habits in life. 

You have the opportunity to work together on various assignments and share your own stories and opinions.
Maybe your activities can be an inspiration for your classmates in this international classroom!


Imagine that people are more and more involved with each other and communicate about what they value in the world around them.

Imagine what can happen when you think, act and do. Can you contribute to changes?

Can you learn 2 change?



Phase 4 - Completion & Evaluation

May 8 - June 2     2017 


NEWSLETTER Tuesday June 6 (week 18):


Dear participants,


After a learning adventure of almost 4 months, the Learning Circles Me/We have ended for this school year.


In the final phase, wonderful letters have been written to the jury of the Global Teenager Project, with very personal messages and creative solutions.

Please add your evaluations asap, to finish the circles together.

The wikis stay open, so it’s possible to look closely at the contributions of other schools in the next weeks or months.


The next weeks we will:

  • collect all your letters to the jury of GTP and publish the 3 winning letters in the wikis.

  • make a selection of all your work and invite all readers to look closely at all the beautiful contributions.


The next months: we are preparing the new Learning Circles that will start in February 2018.

  • we will start with an introduction and new assignments in Challenge 1.

  • in Challenge 2 you'll work in a different way, by designing and sharing your own questions for the other schools.

  • the answers can be added on your school page, but will also be shared in close connection with the other students; for example in several Skype meetings.

This adjustment is a result of your wish to encourage cooperation and communication with the other participants.

We'll keep you posted!


Keep up the good work!


Thank you for all your efforts to increase awareness about how Me becomes We!

On behalf of the LC team,


Bob Hofman,

Manon of Herwijnen 


(Link to all newsletters)


How to use this wiki:


  • In the sidebar on the right you can find general information like the timeline and background information. 
  • Every Monday the newsletter on this home page keeps you updated.
  • In the overview of school pages (below) you can click on the name of the school, to find the school page. 
  • Everyone can see the contributions that your group or class posted on your school page, but only participants that can login, can edit this page.  
  • You can focus on one assignment or more from any challenge and discuss whether to divide your class into groups to work on the various assignments.
  • Please share with us how your group worked together. The learning process is as interesting as the results!
  • Learning outcomesWorking on the challenges you are learning and practicing various skills. You can use this schedule to keep track of what skills are addressed and what it has brought to your class. For more info see also the page 'Learning & practicing skills' in the sidebar.


Skype and Feedback

  • Read how to make a Skype appointment with another group from your Learning Circle on this page


    Feel free to also indicate a time / date that would suit you best :-)




  • Every participating class or group gives feedback, directly on the school pages of the other participants

  • By giving and processing feedback, we pay attention to the criteria for the assignments and reflect on the work of the other classes. 

  • We all give feedback on the learning process and on the results. 
    Your efforts throughout the project will not be assessed only on the final outcome of the project (whether the intended result was achieved) but also on the extent to which you thoughtfully plan and implement each task along the way. 
    How did your class succeed in reporting the process and in making creative contributions?

  • We are connecting our classrooms internationally, working together on things that matter in our world.
    On-going feedback from peers will support your learning outcomes.

  • It's also possible to make brief remarks: for this purpose, please use the comment boxes at the bottom of each page.




Information / Action

Learning Circle facilitator (questions and support about the learning process during the circle)

Country Coordinator (questions about registration, workshops, in country support)


Project coordinator Global Teenager Project: Bob Hofman




 Overview school pages:





Challenge 1





1. Cleardale Public School





2. Theoretical highschool Alexandru Marghiloman







3. Kirovograd Construction College 





4. VOJ Copieweg MULO







5. National College B.P.Hasdeu


 The Netherlands

6. Ashram College




     in the overview means a school posted a contribution for this phase. 

  The color indicates if it was placed in time, little bit late, 1 one week late or more.





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